1. October 2011 Shine


Official Billboard Reporting Dj (July 2012-Present)
House/ Electric / Tribal/ Circuit/ Electro

EntenseKaos has only been djing privately for about 2 years and only recently has started to dj for the public. He recently was selected as a Billboard Reporting Dj. He is the only reporter in Wilmington and one of the youngest on the panel.

The dedication and potential has impressed many influential djs and promoters. He was recently signed on to be managed by Give Me A Beat Management where he is under big names as Oren Nizri, Bryan Reyes, Randy Bettis, and more.

Dj EntenseKaos also has built up great relationships between djs and producers which allows him to be able to debut new songs and remixes almost every weekend.

Dan just recently played in Miami, FL and Myrtle Beach.

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Manager George Coronado